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Every January seduces us with an invitation of possibility. It beckons us to ask questions of ourselves other months never seem to demand of us. Unfortunately January, for most of us, falls in the dead of winter when every cell in our being wants to hibernate. The only thing we want to do is to contract from any invitation to expand. “To every thing there is a season,” and so few of us are able to trust where our nature is calling us; to rest, contract, hibernate. We beat ourselves up for not following through on our resolutions.

Just as a random bee buzzing around in January, or a blooming flower seems out of place, trying to motivate oneself in the dead of winter also seems contrary to nature. But whether we are aware of it or not, something is ALWAYS germinating in us, but it can’t be forced or willed to fruition.

What if it were possible to use this time to germinate and fertilize your next intention, while in the comfort of your own home? Last year a client said to me, “Voge, you are like an archeologist for the Soul.” I was touched, and it made me wonder, ”Why would our Soul need an archeologist?” The answer is, each one of us is an archeological dig. Access to our Soul has been blocked and buried under trauma, disappointment, fear, and hurts, often making it difficult for us to stay motivated – no less maintain a Soul connection.

Every obstacle to your heart’s desires is rooted in a wound from your past. Every one of our wounds has its own logic that keeps that obstacle functioning in your life. You can’t be coached or simply talk your way out of these wounds. It takes deeper work ….

A year long archeological dig to uncover what has been buried inside you, whether you are conscious of these things or not.

The rubber always hits the road when you attempt to bring one of your heart’s desires into Existence. Most programs that support the unfolding of your heart’s desires offer some practical steps, but they rarely take into account the disparity between how people are expected to behave as rational creatures and how they actually behave under the influence of wounds and past traumas. This is my area of expertise: assisting you in birthing your heart’s desires in this new year.

With the year of the Monkey beginning February 8, let us harness the gifts of dexterity, playfulness, intelligence and creativity that this magical creature inspires to assist us in birthing our heart’s desires in the new year. Never one for quick fix solutions to complex issues, I offer the luxury of a year long journey to intend, germinate, release, and create.

A year long teleseminar that meets once a month from 6:00 – 8:00 PDT.
Begins: Tuesday February 9, 2016
Continues: March 8, April 5, May 3, June 7, July 12, August 9, September 6, October 4, November 8, December 6, January 10 (all Tuesdays)
Cost: $300

Since so much powerful Releasing occurs in each session, a recording will be available to download after each one so you can listen as many times as you would like or have it available in case you miss one.
You will be asked to set an intention for something you would like to unfold for yourself in 2016.

I look forward to being on the most important archeological dig you’ve ever been on – you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, and if you know of anyone who would be a fit for this ‘Dig’ pass this on.

With Love

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  • Nancy

    This sounds amazing. I love the idea of an archeological dig of the soul. 🙂

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