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2022 – An Invitation!

Voge Smith I Release

The champagne has been popped, the ball in Times Square has dropped, the noisemakers that rang in the New Year are now quiet, and we sit in these first few days of 2022 contemplating the gift of a New Year!

After the turmoil of what we have lived through these past 2 years, do we dare to open up the 2022 package and take the leap to create a life that makes our heart sing?

What visions are you longing to launch?

To support you in achieving your heart’s desires, throughout 2021, I have been busy creating an online course based on our best selling book; I Release! Create the Life That Makes Your Heart Sing!

With five newly, revised and updated hindrances written – Yes you heard me five chapters – this online program assists you to: – this online program assists you to:  

  • Create a blueprint on what your heart desires for 2022
  • Understand what hinders you
  • Release your hidden ‘no’

Contained in each successful person who has said ‘yes’ to their heart’s desires is an ordinary person who once lived with a hidden ‘no’. You may not be aware of your inner ‘no’, but it is sending out a broadcast that repels your heart’s desires.

There is a way out.

I know I am in the presence of a ‘hidden no’, when a client tells me they are recycling some “darn version of the same damn thing”, over and over again in their life.

After 3 decades of doing this work, the symptoms of a ‘hidden no’ are easily recognizable to me. You can recognize if you are in a ‘hidden no’ if you find yourself complaining to your friends or therapist about the same occurrence in your life for over a year, and no matter how many attempts you have tried to fix, heal, resolve it, nothing seems to move you out of where you are parked.

Whether it is:

  • You’ve been trying to create your divine relationship.
  • You are continually attracting the kind of partnerships (work or romantic) where you find yourself in the same kind of conflict over and over again.
  • You are frustrated that you still remain at an income level you have been trying to surpass – with limited results.
  • You finely create an income you have longed for, only to have it wiped out by some emergency.
  • There is a disconnect between what you say you want and what you actually have.

I Release! – The Course will take you on a powerful journey from being a seeker to being a finder. Whatever your focus: health, career, relationships, or your purpose and spiritual fulfillment – I Release! -The Course shows how you can move from point A to point B in fulfilling your heart’s desires.

Inspiring anecdotes, case studies, experiential techniques and the hallmark of my work; The Releasing Process, will guide you along in your own healing journey. 

Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to start 2022 -with your heart singing?


My curiosity led me on a 3 decades long research into trauma and its effects on our nervous systems, our brain and our neurobiology.

This has given me a unique perspective and understanding into how people absorb information, process their life as well as their ability to accept help.

Therefore I wanted to offer this program in a way that honors your uniqueness, so you can be available for the help that is offered in this program, in a way that works for you.

OPTION #1: This program acts like a steady beating on the drum, bringing to the surface your own unique obstacles and barriers. What comes to the surface may surprise, delight and provoke you. Consequently you may desire to work with me in real time, in the presence of a Releasing Community that will also be moving through the 10 Hindrances. This option is best for those who enjoy being surrounded by other people who are doing the work alongside them.It offers a balance between working on your own, but then joining a safe community on zoom, meeting once a month for 12 meetings. In these challenging times, isn’t connection and community more important than ever?

OPTION #2: This is strictly a home study course, with all of the benefits described above, but without the online group experience. You can work on your own in private, going through the exercises and Releasing Process at your own pace.

I can’t wait to help you, 

Happy New Year!


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