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Navigating the Delicious Challenge
of Being Human

The pace of change for humanity has accelerated globally. This has had a profound effect on people’s lives.
You may have been feeling this in your life, but didn’t have the words to describe it.

The best words and feelings you may have for it are:
You are filled with confusion, knowing in your heart what the world used be like – and the world is no longer the one you used to know, and you can’t go back.
You are feeling more self-doubt.
Lately you feel like you’re in procrastination hell, unable to finish what you have started.
You can’t seem to connect to your True Nature and instead focus on your imperfections.
Your previously ordered life has become more chaotic and anxious.
And my personal favorite, ‘If I have to spend another hour talking to a call center that STILL can’t resolve my issue, I’m going to lose my cookies!’
I’m sure each of you reading this has your own personal favorite.

All of these thoughts and feelings represent to me, what I call: Navigating the Delicious Challenge of Being Human.

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we are faced with two choices: continue living in the trance and habits of the past, which I call, living in the comfort of the discomfort, even knowing what it may cost us. Or, embrace the challenge of waking up to the beauty and power of our True Nature.

This choice presents it’s self more often than you might realize, or admit. The invitation from Existence to live a life grounded in our authentic self is always there, we just have to be willing to meet Existence half way.

Intellectually the choice seems obvious: of course I would choose my true nature, right? But remember, you are not living in a culture that honors one’s True Nature, so on a sub-conscious level, we weigh the possible costs and benefits.

By choosing this path;
wilI I lose connection with family and friends?
will I be perceived as being too much?
By honoring my true nature, will I no longer be what I think everyone needs me to be?

And so Navigating the Delicious Challenge of Being Human becomes a deeper and more personal commitment than we previously thought.

So, wouldn’t you love to have a place where you would be supported in taking on this delicious challenge of being human?

  • with a group of like-minded cohorts,
  • led by an Elder woman who has been there and done that and can share her hard-earned insights and wisdom attained by awakening her own true nature?

Your ‘Bootstrap Hero’ would love you for this!

The Details:
It is a 6 month commitment- first meeting January 30 last meeting June 26
12 meetings which meet every other Monday
Plus 6 private sessions with Voge (1 session per month)

Cost: $3200
Early Bird: $3000 if you sign up before January 23
BONUS: Free access to Voge’s online course I Release! – The Course A $495 value
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Voge Smith

Voge Smith – We long for something that is psychologically honest and metaphysically true; that points us towards an acceptance of who we are and makes sense of all we have been through. Voge is the award winning author of I Release! Create the Life That Makes Your Heart Sing. A gifted Mentor, Trauma Alchemist and Therapist for the past 35 years, Voge helps clients navigate the delicious challenge of life, with her online course I Release! – The Course, private sessions The Releasing Process and her blog: Notes from the Field.

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