Releasing Trauma
The purpose of ‘letting go’ is not to prove how powerful, self-reliant, or even how spiritual you are. Letting go is about Releasing the energy that keeps you frozen in the past and unable to be present to your life in the moment.
– Voge Smith

Trauma, in this culture, is often associated with the effects of war or a catastrophic event on a person. Unfortunately trauma and life’s tragedies find a way into our lives despite our best efforts to protect ourselves. In fact, every time a situation occurs and your instinctual reaction is to hold your breath, this is an indicator you just experienced trauma. So often when a client comes with issues like financial, relationship issues or health challenges, these are just symptoms of the true underlying cause we are dealing with: trauma.

Trauma is any experience that overwhelms the normal coping mechanisms you have in place. Nervous energy, a quivering voice, shaking hands are often interpreted as weakness, so we do our best to cover it up to be accepted.

I formed an intimate relationship with trauma when I was seriously injured as a child in a car accident. Living with the consequences of that trauma ignited my journey of healing. The gift of that trauma, and the subsequent family drama, is that I recognize and understand the symptoms. My expertise is in helping you access those traumatic influences, neutralize the charge they have been holding and releasing it.

The Releasing Process gives you an opportunity to mend the effects of trauma in a radically different way.

Releasing Obstacles and Barriers
Contained in each successful person who said “yes” to their vision of radiant health, fulfilling partnership and financial freedom, was an ordinary person that previously harbored a hidden “no”. We are rarely aware of this inner “no”, but nonetheless, it sends out a broadcast that subverts the realization of our heart’s desire. There is a way through. I am able to help you access that hidden “no” in your subconscious and re-awaken your “yes”, moving you from a seeker to a finder through the Releasing Process.

Voge has an amazing ability to ‘ get to it’. I have worked with other therapists and it has taken a lot of time and talk to get to the root of the issues that have held me back. Voge listens, feels and quickly tunes in to the underlying issues. She helps me to understand why it has a hold on me and how it may have protected me, but now it is time to let it go. The environment she provides is safe, protective and loving, and the releasing, brings forth effective results.
-Angela Willson PHD


Through my intuitive counseling, I am able to help couples:

  • see how they trigger each other’s nervous systems
  • Release what is in the way of Love
  • move couples from an arrangement to relationship

After being married for 30 years, we reached a place in our relationship where we just were not getting along. It was painful. Was it time to call it quits,or find a way to work it out? Both were scary options. We went to see Voge. Through several sessions she guided us back to opening our hearts to one another again. The fighting stopped. This had a ripple effect in our family as well. We could not help but see how our relationship impacted our grown children and the choices they were making in partners. Both our sons are in loving relationships now. We are all feeling very blessed.

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