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“Love brings up everything that is in the way of love to be healed”
The notion of a hidden ‘no’ can take us right to shame – not a fun place to hang out.

Which is why I love The Releasing Process,  when the hidden ‘no’ gets exposed to the light of day, any shame gets alchemized into compassion. 

Nothing good ever came from shame. It’s hard to create much from shame. Compassion is a very rich place from which we can create from, instead of shame. Right?

Another place we go to when we hear hidden ‘no’ is ‘character flaw’. In fact our ‘no’ is a brave adaptation we took on as a child to protect us, to keep us safe. 

Every issue and every obstacle to your heart’s desire is rooted in a wound from your past. Each of these wounds has its own inner logic that keeps obstacles actively undermining and preventing forward movement in the here and now. 

Sadly – and sometimes tragically – we act, feel, imagine and create without any awareness or recognition of how the influence of past experiences runs the show on our present day reality. 

If you knew how many influences are affecting you right now, it would blow your mind! 

In this course, you will be guided on a journey of self discovery to identify and expose the hidden ‘no’ in order to turn shame into compassion, and put you on the path to making your heart sing.

Voge Smith

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I Release - The Course

I Release – The Course will take you on a powerful journey from being a seeker to being a finder. Whatever your focus: health, career, relationships, or your purpose and spiritual fulfillment – I Release! -The Course shows how you can move from point A to point B in fulfilling your heart’s desires.