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Before experiencing any healing work you might wonder, does this really work? Voge’s clients have experienced relief from many physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual imbalances.

Read the stories below from actual clients of how their lives have been impacted for the better through through working with Voge.

My husband and I had been going to conventional couple-counseling weekly for two years. It helped us stay together, but we still seemed to be stuck in the same old unhealthy patterns and couldn’t break free. At a friends suggestion, we booked a session with Voge . It was a very powerful and insightful 2 hours and she somehow helped us see the destructive dynamic that we got caught in – but from a higher perspective. We just feel so much more respect and love out of that one session. She gave us a new way of holding our relationship that lets us move through the conflicts and glitches more efficiently and lovingly.
T.R. and V.R.
San Ramon, CA

Voge Smith has helped me feel and heal the thick veil and conditioned behaviors to uncover the truth of who I am, and learn how to navigate my soul’s calling. I am particularly grateful for her gentle persistence, deep compassion and unconditional love. She is one of a kind, a remarkable gift to all truth seekers.
Denise Zaverdas

For 15 years after my son’s death to AIDS, I remained in suspended animation, afraid to reach out for other relationships and this was not made conscious in my psyche until I worked with Voge. I was convinced love could not happen for me again due to luck, age and the lack of “real men with a capacity to commit.” I placed all power for what was happening to me outside my influence; I look back and notice that I watched a lot of old movies and was in fact in the process of circling the wagons in preparation for a stark old age.

Currently my feet are on the ground and I am excited about much that is on the horizon and also right in front of my eyes. Sadly, my beloved cousin is dying but I am solidly with her to offer her support. This was not possible for me before the releasing process; I was too afraid to go back into the room of loss and I was withholding my support to others as I fumbled to support myself.

I am a practicing psychotherapist and one important factor I was taught long ago is that the therapist must not buy into the client’s limited belief system. In truth Voge does not buy into limitation; she dwells in the world of possibility and is exquisitely tuned in to the client’s inner process on many levels. I recommend her Releasing Process to you without qualification.
Katherine Moore,
Therapist, Marysville, CA

Voge Smith is a pioneer in her field. She guides you in the most profound and beautiful way to release, open, and heal. I am truly grateful for the blessing of her work in my life.”
Cheri Clampett
Co-author of The Therapeutic Yoga Kit

Last year I called Voge for a phone session. I had just turned 50, was in the middle of menopause, and spent the previous 2 months bleeding. I went to several doctors and specialists but after all the tests they still couldn’t say what was wrong with me. Even over the phone, 3 thousand miles away, Voge was able to tune into all the energy I had stored in my female organs all these years, including the damaging ways I had held my role as a woman in this lifetime. She helped me release the pain I had internalized as a little girl, feeling rejected by my father when he left. The very next day the chronic bleeding stopped! Voge also helped me to connect the dots to how I had re-created that scenario with my father in my adult relationships with men.

Since that phone session 4 years ago, I have been symptom -free and continue to have a smooth menopause!
Nurse Practitioner
Bronx, NY

It seems like I’ve let people walk all over me my whole life. During a Releasing Intensive workshop, Voge helped me to claim my power for the first time in my life. I learned how to be assertive and forceful without having to throw the person out of my heart. I feel like I’ve got my life back.
A. V.
San Jose, CA

Wanted to thank you for the wonderful support in the past year. And to let you know that the last process was spectacular in that it refocused this being from a perspective of loss and lack to one of gratitude. Thank you for your work and the beautiful message.

Looking forward to an exceptional year….thank you!
Jan Cross

I have been a successful business woman, but with very limited emotional life. In fact, I was even proud of my ability to control my emotions and not get involved in situations which caused me to feel things too deeply. I have a large circle of friends, most of whom I kept at a safe distance. I considered my ability to keep that distance as mature and desirable. As a result of having very little connection to my emotions, and in turn my body, I became very overweight and unhealthy in my adult years. At the same time, I was not happy about the lack of depth in my life experience and didn’t understand what was missing.

Working with Voge has been a godsend for me. I learned that I had borrowed my mother’s emotional lifestyle of fear and mistrust, protecting myself, as she had, from even experiencing close, intimate relationships. The releasing helps me to access my emotions in a healthy way, so that I’m not always staying in my head; judgmental and guarded. As a direct result of this work, my weight has reduced, my diabetes and blood pressure are within normal range, I’m off my medication.

I am very grateful to Voge for her ongoing support for me in my journey.
Judi Friedman
Business Consultant
Oakland, CA

There was that moment where I saw, what I couldn’t see before: How I kept myself under pressure, how I created my early childhood over and over again. One sentence said and it all fell away. Another sentence said and it was as if a hand reached into my life and grabbed me off the hamster wheel I had been racing forever. Voge is a magical rescuer, because she can see where you cannot see.

Thank you Voge – you did it for me.
Carola Hochst, owner Carola Hochst Photography

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