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Every Obstacle to Your Heart’s Desire is Rooted in a Wound from Your Past

I Release Voge Smith

I am often asked why I see the value of going into our past to understand or succeed in what we are trying to create for ourselves in the present. 

Why is it necessary to do some archeological unpacking when all we want to do is move forward? Why is it necessary to go into the past if all I want is my business to be successful now? Why is it necessary to go into the past if all I want is a life partner? Why is it necessary to go into the past if I’m fighting with my spouse in the present?

The simple answer is: you may insist that you are in the here and now, but the past is always exerting its influence on us in the present. 

Clients come to me with what they feel are present time issues, however, every issue and every obstacle to your heart’s desire is rooted in a wound from your past. Each of these wounds has its own inner logic that keeps obstacles actively undermining and preventing forward movement in the here and now. 

Sadly – and sometimes tragically – we act, feel, imagine and create without any awareness or recognition of how the influence of past experiences runs the show on our present day reality. If you knew how many influences are affecting you right now, it would blow your mind! 

I’ll even go beyond that and include the multi-generational influences we inherited from previous generations. Yes, we are also shaped by previous generations, so words like inheritance and heritage take on a whole new meaning! 

It is important to know what shaped us in order to become free of it. That is why I included Releasing Multi-Generational Trauma in I Release! – The Course.

When clients understand the influences behind their obstacles, the subsequent freeing up of energy moves mountains! And when they understand the messaging they received growing up, previous hindrances melt away.

According to neuroscientists, there are 3 markers that are required for true healing to occur:

  1. Making that which has been implicit, explicit
  2. No longer being triggered in the face of what used to trigger, reactivate or provoke
  3. The new found neutrality is permanent

I Release! – The Course delivers this and SO much more!

Here’s how you can participate…


My curiosity led me on a 3 decades long research into trauma and it’s effects on our nervous systems, our brain and our neurobiology.

This has given me a unique perspective and understanding into how people absorb information, process their life as well as their ability to accept help.

Therefore I wanted to offer this program in a way that honors your uniqueness, so you can be available for the help that is offered in this program, in a way that works for you. 

OPTION #1: This program acts like a steady beating on the drum, bringing to the surface your own unique obstacles and barriers. What comes to the surface may surprise, delight and provoke you. Consequently you may desire to work with me in real time, in the presence of a Releasing Community that will also be moving through the 10 Hindrances. This option is best for those who enjoy being surrounded by other people who are doing the work alongside them. It offers a balance between working on your own, but then joining a safe community on zoom, meeting once a month for 12 meetings. In these challenging times, isn’t connection and community more important than ever?

OPTION #2: This is strictly a home study course, with all of the benefits described above, but without the online group experience. You can work on your own in private, going through the exercises and Releasing Process at your own pace. 

I can’t wait to help you,

With love,

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