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22 reviews for Virtual Session

  1. Kajana Movery (verified owner)

    Working with Voge is literally the best investment in my personal health that I have ever made.

    I’ve invested tens of thousands with coaches and therapists, have done personal development trainings & seminars yet none of them have created the depth of breakthrough and realization that Voge has helped me to identify and remove.

    She’s not only guided me to identifying the subconscious blocks that trick me into sabotage myself but she’s given me simple concept driven tools that help me to identify when old issues are trying mask themselves and new things.

    Voge is clear, concise, direct, kind and empathetic to all the sh*t that’s been accumulated in our lives and equally as important, she understands the process to helping our brain & body release the junk.

    If you’re serious about the journey of removing old brain & habit patterns to achieve more personal and/or professional success in your life, Voge is extremely qualified to support that goal.

  2. Lindsay Wood

    I’ve worked with those for four sessions now… I am having breakthroughs every time.
    The kind of breakthroughs that truly transform a person. For me it was a sexual abuse that happened from the ages from 5 to 7. This kind of trauma did not become apparent to me until I was 35 and I’ve been working on healing it for over a decade.

    The kind of breakthroughs that truly transform a person. For me it was a sexual abuse that happened from the ages from 5 to 7. This kind of trauma did not become apparent to me until I was 35 and I’ve been working on healing it for over a decade. Now at 49 years old, I am finally feeling free from that abuse patterning, the way I protected the abuser, and feel deep compassion For that little girl who Did not know what to do with the abuse.

    My biggest take away from my sessions is the awareness that digging deep can truly release the trauma from my nervous system, limbic system and allow my functional adult to see with her eyes for the first time.

    Thank you Voge for all of your guidance, direction, Truth, compassion, and support.

  3. Debbie Burns (verified owner)

    Working with Voge is an absolute godsend. She’s like a computer hacker for your brain — able to quickly identify and locate the “bad code” in your software and not just rewrite it, but completely delete it! She’s been able to get to the heart of issues that years of traditional therapy didn’t uncover. It doesn’t matter what I bring to our sessions, Voge is always able to find the REAL reason I’m having emotional breakdowns or pain, help me release it, and get me back on track to living a life I love as a functioning adult. Thank you Voge!!!

  4. Vince Baarson (verified owner)

    The work I do with Voge is some of the most important in my life.

    She continually helps me work through deep seated issues that influence my life, my actions and my thoughts on a daily basis. In session, we work together to get to find the root that’s causing the issue and then work to release it. The process is collaborative.

    In those moments where you can’t fathom why you’re feeling a certain way, when can’t find your own way back to the time, place and memory where an issue budded that’s affecting you in present day. Her process helps you uncover and see what’s there.

    Voge is part investigator and part intuit. She isn’t fluffy, she is kind, direct and has a great sense of humor. The perfect combination to help you really get some work done on yourself. She helps you go deep to uncover memories and unpack experiences that help you acknowledge and release things, thoughts, mental barriers that are holding you back in life and in business that you weren’t able to see where there.

    This process of investigation and releasing improves my life every time. More than that, I know I have a therapy partner to help me move through anything past, present and future.

  5. Angelica

    Years and years of progress made in a matter of a couple of months.

    Before I came to Voge, I had been in therapy for years and had made tons of progress. Little did I know the massive transformation awaiting me in just a few short months with Voge’s help.

    Voge is able to make connections no other practitioner has made. She is able to explain how trauma and past issues are affecting me physiologically (nervous system), emotionally, and psychologically. Plus, her eagle eyes/ears she has an uncanny way of getting to the heart of the matter extremely quickly. And, when I say “heart of the matter” she has (time and time again) been able to hear everything I was saying and completely unpack the issue to identify the root cause…and, inevitably it has always been a cause that had never been addressed/identified with other forms of talk therapy. She is able to explain how the pain I am feeling in my current life and the reason I am acting a certain way, is tied to things that happed decades ago.

    There is talk about working with “rapid transformation” folks and I give very little attention to that because this deep work, which includes healing past trauma takes time. Well, what I love is that Voge doesn’t focus on the timestamp of overcoming things quickly. She focuses on going to the root issue (and her treasure trove of skills got me there from the first session we ever worked together). Because her focus is on fully seeing and identifying the true issue, years’ worth of progress is made in one 60-minute session.

    Voge has a wide open heart with extraordinary boundaries and will not b.s. you, talk around the issue or tend to a fragile ego. She goes right in and helps you unwind the trauma of your past (most I was unaware of how it was tied to my unhelpful tendencies I’ve been living out for decades). Her work is unique, innovative and extraordinarily transformational.

  6. Jaime Masters

    Voge is a master – I’ve recommended friends and clients to see her so many times. I have a successful business, and always try to find the best of the best. When I got a referral from a badass business owner friend that gushed about how awesome Voge was I couldn’t wait to chat with her.
    After working with her for over 6 months, through a period of deep grief (a family member that was given a year to live and seeing him dying before my eyes) – we’ve uncovered so much childhood trauma that I didn’t even realize I had. I thought I had a pretty ok upbringing, but I was in denial about a lot of it. I’ve been learning how to process my feelings (I used to be very hyper-rational and strategic and everything went through my mind filter first) I’m learning new ways to heal.
    My friends and I joke – “What would Voge say!” and we are able to set better boundaries. I am so grateful to her and her wisdom and kindness in helping so many! You must chat with her – it’ll be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. 🙂

  7. Denise Verolini

    Voge has been very valuable to me and my family for many years. We’ve sought her specific brand of help when we couldn’t find our own way and needed healing. Most recently, I committed to digging into some long term habituated behavior that I’ve been unable to move past. We have done some deep, meaningful work! Voge’s impact is powerful–she is intuitive, precise, and incredibly direct. She is able to make connections between conscious and unconscious patterns that are barriers to feeling free and being the best version ourselves. She works from a foundation of love, support and compassion that provide a soft landing for her keen (and sometimes hard hitting) insights. Voge is the real deal. I trust her, believe in the type of work she does, and highly recommend her!

  8. Landen Paikai

    Voge is a Godsend! Through her guidance, I’ve been able to release a lot of things that I’ve been holding on to for many years both consciously and unconsciously. I’ve found tremendous healing and I’ve even been able to release weight that I’ve been carrying as a protection mechanism. My personal and work life have benefitted tremendously through our work together. Voge helped me call back my drive, ambition and focus. I’ve identified new personal and business aspirations that I will be working toward in the next few years. What’s insane is that this has all transpired in just three months!!!!! I love where I’m at and I’m excited to dive even deeper! I recommend Voge to all my friends and family. She’s the best!

  9. Jaden

    I knew I wanted more in my life. I thought it was more friends, more money, a better relationship, a nicer body. I never would have thought that in the end, the answer was none of those things, but instead, I discovered it was more self love. Working with Voge gave me a gentle inner peace that helped me love my old childhood scars. I’m still on this journey, and every time I work with Voge, I’m presented with a new little nugget of self awareness that I get to discover and add to my tool belt.

  10. Rachel

    Working with Voge in a virtual setting has brought more healing and progress to me than any in-person therapy I’ve done (over 6 years!)
    I’ve been aware of my issues for a long time, but had never really known meaningful change until I met Voge. The insights Voge is able to bring in our calls last beyond the session, and I am finally accomplishing the things I longed for but always felt out of reach.

  11. Julia

    Voge is simply the best! I’ve tried other therapists and the sessions always felt “meh”; lots of meandering conversation and very little progress. Voge cuts through all the BS and has an amazing gift for getting to the heart of the issue. I’ve been working with her for six months and I’ve already referred at least 8 people to her. I can’t explain exactly how the process of clearing out past trauma helps you to stop repeating negative patterns that you’ve been stuck in for years, I can just tell you that it works and Voge is a master at it! Cannot recommend her enough!

  12. Victory Perkins

    Thoughts on my time working with Voge so far: 
    1. She’s not the messiah (even though I sometimes talk about her like she is), but she does have a very special skill set and it has become obvious after a short period of time working with her that she has truly mastered a craft. It’s inspiring to witness. 
    2. We don’t talk in circles about the same issues. With her special skills we get in, we get out, we get over it. Sometimes we revisit another layer of the issue, but it has always been from a place of having progressed. 
    3. I don’t feel forever dependent on her for answers. We’ve gotten through the main pain points, and now when things come up I’m empowered to move forward with less and less support. This makes me feel stable and more secure about the future. 

    Those are the things that have been particularly important for me about working with Voge and I’m attempting to stick to them so I don’t ramble, but there are a lot more good things about working with her. She’s also warm and makes you feel comfortable and heard and loved and all that good stuff, but is also direct and will suffer no B.S. ( I treasure that particular skill). I heard about her from a friend, who heard about her from a friend and now my friend and I have passed her on to 4 more of our friends who have all agreed with us about her mad skills.  Plus, we’re all really smart so you can trust us. 🙂 

  13. Phoebe M

    Voge has been a tremendous asset to my personal life and my business. She helped me process some challenging moments in my life and helped me to reprogram my subconscious for the long-term. Her work is powerful, her guidance is insightful and her years of experience in trauma releasing are world class. I’m so grateful for the work that she and I have done and I will continue to recommend her to friends, family members and colleagues who are looking to make deep and meaningful changes. Thank you!

  14. Mollie Jensen

    Voge is amazingly insightful at getting right to the heart of any matter. I’ve experienced huge shifts while working with her, from healing past traumas to releasing fears (like public speaking) that have kept me from succeeding. I highly recommend working with her if you want to release blocks to living your best life. I consider her a cherished partner in my healing journey and have recommended her to several friends and family members who have all come back to me amazed at their experience.

  15. Irina

    Engaging with Voge is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. She saved my marriage! Voge is very intuitive. She has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life, see and change how I engage and manage difficult situations. I always look forward to my sessions with Voge because she helps me grow and be a better person.

  16. Dava Freed

    Voge was ahead of her time, working remotely with clients. She is totally present and helps clients get into the right space to focus on themselves and solving the things that hold them back. Voge understands trauma and also how to release and move on. She provides words of wisdom and tips, guides, and visualizations to help you catch yourself and make different choices. You have to be open to questioning your past and yourself and face the brutal truth. She helps you get in touch with your feelings, not just your mind and focus on what to do next. She is insightful and really helps you to remove blockages if you want to move on.

  17. Heather

    I received several online sessions from Voge and look forward to doing more as soon as the need arises. So far the wounds and fears she helped me clear have not resurfaced. I truly feel like each session freed me to level up in a new way. Her work is deeply transformative and freeing. Her warmth, humor, skill, and incredible intuitive talent comes through so clearly even online. It was a pure delight to work with her and I know first hand many people who have been positively transformed through working with her. Letting go of long held beliefs, wounds and fears in a matter of moments. Creating new more powerful associations they can never forget. There’s so much healing power in her work. I’m so grateful to have her as a resource and mentor and look forward to learning more!

  18. Jena

    I started seeing Voge at the age of 14 when my parents were getting divorced. Still be a skeptic and angry teenager, I didn’t expect much. But boy did she knock years of anger and frustration right out of me! Now 20 years later, she still has that same impact in every session. I have grown into an adult who can process anger and disappointment in a healthy way because of her help. Voge is open, honest and connects with the root of your issues. When you’re ready to do the work, she is an amazing ally to have on your side.

  19. Jennifer

    After working with Voge in just a few short weeks I’ve felt years of childhood issues/trauma lifted. It’s weight off that’s indescribable and Voge has a way of accessing those places we don’t know how to on our own. I highly recommend her work. She’s someone I’ll consider a resource and someone I can go to for the rest of my life.

  20. Dave H

    When I first came to Voge (almost four years ago), I held the belief that I had already conquered painful issues from my past. I recall telling Voge I was “at peace” with the painful experiences and memories of my past. In fact, I hadn’t addressed the issues in a meaningful way whatsoever, and their weight was hindering my ability to be truly happy and free. Fear and sadness were still in charge of my life. Working with Voge has been transformational in ways I never knew were possible. Voge has a deep and brilliant understanding of how our past selves can trap and hold hostage our current and future selves. To the extent that we leave our “skeletons” active and running the show, we rob ourselves of true happiness. Virtual sessions allowed me to uncover and understand my trauma and, with Voge’s loving support, learn to grow and heal through her proven methodology. Voge is insightful, omniscient, and the epitome of authentic. I would recommend Voge to anyone who has a past (hint: everyone!).

  21. Mike Perz

    Voge has helped me identify behaviors that don’t serve me.  And then through her releasing process, helped me let go of them.  Often it’s seemingly miraculous. – One month I am struggling with a knee jerk reaction that I have been dealing with for years.  And the next month, I notice that I could react the way I used to, but now I don’t have to.

  22. Tori Foster (verified owner)

    Working with Voge has been absolute gift. After hearing her speak to a group about how our wounds can lead us to sacrifice authenticity for attachment, I felt confident that she was the right person to guide me as I delved deeper into my past experiences and their impact on me. Voge helped me acknowledge my trauma for what it was, ending my cycle of dismissing my feelings and experiences in favor of being grateful. She has helped me step into new awareness, self-compassion, and power as I have learned to show up for myself in new ways. Her releasing process is incredibly powerful, and with it she brings wisdom, compassion, understanding, and fierceness (her New York side, as she would say) to each session. Voge’s support has helped me develop a greater capacity for sitting with discomfort and facing memories and difficult feelings that I used to avoid, and I now feel empowered and confident as I continue this work. Thank you, Voge, for giving of yourself and your talents!

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