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Listed below are recordings of past tele-seminars. Contained in each recording is a thought and feeling provoking talk that addresses different aspects of the evolutionary process we are all living through. Contained in each recording is a powerful Releasing Session.

Tele-seminars are available for download after purchase. Please select one of tele-seminars described below from the drop-down menu

Amazing!!!!! Just Amazing!!!!!
The power of an intended group of strangers who become one heart in less than 1/2 hour!
Thank you everyone…this will be some double dared ride!!!
-Judi Friedman

#1 Shedding Our Skins
Delve deeply into all the unique ways we cover ourselves with the skins that hide our true nature and how to meet the invitation from the Snake to shed the skins that you no longer need.

#2 Creating Collaboration With Our Subconscious
You have heard me say this so often: “90% of our behavior is run by our subconscious.” So how is it that something that is running 90% of our behavior is still such a mysterious aspect in our lives?
This enlightening tele-seminar discusses the intricacies of the subconscious and how through the power of Releasing you can gain leverage in your life.

#3 Vows and Portals
Many of us have made healthy vows throughout our lifetime. Life affirming vows of loyalty of love. However, during times of trauma, stress and un-safety, we have also made vows, that perhaps in the moment helped us survive, but over time they tend to limit our growth and aliveness. They are anti-survival. In fact we find ourselves frustrated that a natural flow feels disrupted and we may have even forgotten about the vows we made that now limit us. Vows close portals and deny us access to higher frequencies of evolution, peace and fulfillment. So many of these vows we made in less evolved and unconscious times, yet they remain with us, exerting their influence from our blind-spot. This tele-seminar contains an enlightening discussion of the intricacies of vows and how through the power of Releasing you can once again have leverage in your life.

#4 The Transformational Power of Our Stories
Voge shares her mother’s “hiccup” story and her “too much” story as she invites us to get in touch with the story we all have that has the power to heal and the one we cling to that denies us our power.

#5 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases
The downside of so many spiritual and new age teachings is that they can be breeding grounds for people to develop offbeat stories and excuses that keep us infected with denial. Our tendency to spiritualize every thing in our lives can keep us confused with an immature perspective to complex spiritual principles. We’ve all caught the bug. None of us are immune. This tele-seminar ends with a healing dose of the Releasing Process.

#6 Deconstructing: “Creating Your Reality”
For decades now you have heard the phrase: You create your reality. However years later, this spiritual concept that was meant to empower us, has devolved into some kind of New Age wrist slap making us feel ashamed when life throws us a challenging curve ball. This tele-seminar offers a healing dose of the Releasing Process as we deconstruct this concept and gets us back on track with being empowered by all our creations.

“I am still amazed at how I sit in the midst of a circle of friends whom I cannot see or touch, or met before this teleseminar, but who lift me up and hold me in a spirit of love and wholeness. I thank you all for that.”
-Linda Lee
Jacksonville, Alabama

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#1 Shedding Our Skins, #2 Creating Collaboration With Our Subconscious, #3 Vows and Portals, #4 The Transformational Power of Our Stories, #5 Spiritually Transmitted Diseases, #6 Deconstructing: "Creating Your Reality"


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