Spiritual Fitness Through the Chakras


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The science of physics has revealed that in the deeper realms of our
reality, matter functions at different vibratory frequencies. The cruder
the matter, the denser the frequency. As the stuff of life becomes purer and more refined it vibrates at higher and more refined frequencies. This is a useful metaphor to help us understand the refinement and evolution of our chakras and our lives.

Track 1: Spiritual Fitness Through the Chakras 
Voge and Hugh Smith take you on a journey through each of your chakras, bringing your awareness to what increases fitness and to what behaviors diminish that fitness. You will then be taken through the Releasing Process, bringing you into higher frequencies and vibration of light with each releasing statement.

Track 2: Trusting Existence
We all struggle with that delicate balance between being in charge of our lives and surrendering, knowing that all is in Divine Order and that Existence is in fact supporting us in each moment. In Track 2 we bring you on a meditation to assist you in knowing this trust, not just from an intellectual perspective, but rather from a deep cellular knowingness by connecting you to a deeper experience of this trust through an awareness of your Chakras. Upon each listening of this CD your trust will continue to grow and deepen.

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