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The Hidden No We All Have

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In the previous post I spoke about our hidden ‘no.’ This quote by Michael Port expresses exquisitely the impact of our hidden ‘no’.

It is a concept that can be difficult to grasp. When people hear they have a hidden ‘no’, it can sound to them like an undiagnosed illness, making them shy about uncovering it, and bringing it into the light of day. 

The notion of a hidden ‘no’ can take us right to shame – not a fun place to hang out.

This is what I love about The Releasing Process,  when the hidden ‘no’ gets exposed to the light of day, any shame gets alchemized into compassion. Nothing good ever came from shame. It is hard to create much from shame. Compassion is a very rich place from which we can create from, instead of shame. Right?

Ellen was a client who was up for a big promotion at work. However, even though this promotion was a dream come true for her, she was afraid to take it. This made no sense. In fact she felt ashamed to take it. Ellen felt intimidated by a supervisor who always used team meetings to humiliate her.  The effect it had on her filled her with anxiety, making her doubt herself and her ideas during these meetings, even though the two of them hardly interacted. But during a Releasing session, she got in touch with a memory of a girl she’d known in middle school who laughed during Ellen’s presentation, shaming her in front of the whole class. The present-day supervisor had, on a subconscious level, totally reminded Ellen of that nasty classmate. Interesting fact to point out here; social pain and physical pain are centered in the same location of our brain. Ellen’s brain was sending out an alarm. She got neutral, stopped perceiving herself as weak, took the promotion and the supervisor became a non-issue.

Another place we go to when we hear hidden ‘no’ is ‘character flaw’. In fact our ‘no’ is a brave adaptation we took on as a child to protect us, to keep us safe. 

However through the I Release! – The Course program and The Releasing Process, you will be able to see clearly that the adaptations you took on as a child that still linger in us as adults no longer serve us.

It makes my heart sing just imagining being with you and offering you the opportunity for you to move from the lead of shame and limitation to the gold of self love and creating your heart’s desires.

As I mentioned in my previous email, there are 2 ways to participate in IRELEASE! – The Course…


My curiosity led me on a 3 decades long research into trauma and it’s effects on our nervous systems, our brain and our neurobiology.

This has given me a unique perspective and understanding into how people absorb information, process their life as well as their ability to accept help.

Therefore I wanted to offer this program in a way that honors your uniqueness, so you can be available for the help that is offered in this program, in a way that works for you. 

OPTION #1: This program acts like a steady beating on the drum, bringing to the surface your own unique obstacles and barriers. What comes to the surface may surprise, delight and provoke you. Consequently you may desire to work with me in real time, in the presence of a Releasing Community that will also be moving through the 10 Hindrances. This option is best for those who enjoy being surrounded by other people who are doing the work alongside them.It offers a balance between working on your own, but then joining a safe community on zoom, meeting once a month for 12 meetings. In these challenging times, isn’t connection and community more important than ever?

OPTION #2: This is strictly a home study course, with all of the benefit described above, but without the online group experience. You can work on your own in private, going through the exercises and Releasing Process at your own pace. 

I can’t wait to help you, 

With love,


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