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Your Pain, Your Heartache, Your Lack, Your Emptiness, Are All Working as Agents for Your Liberation

There is no pain in your life that cannot be relieved, no incident in your life from which you were never meant to heal, no heartache so great you cannot be free of its grip, no lack that cannot be replaced by unlimited abundance and no emptiness so deep that it cannot be filled by Divine Love.

This is my Purpose, this is your Purpose, and this is where we meet.

For over 3 decades this is the purpose in which I’ve stood. It is my North Star. This is why my clients get results. 

When you understand that your pain, your heartache, your lack, your emptiness, are all working as agents for your liberation, you have begun to master the art of human evolution. You either evolve or repeat.

I have made it my life’s work to assist individuals in seeing their issues in the context of their personal evolution. From this perspective they become aware of how to share their unique gifts, thereby contributing to the evolution of humanity.

You in?

Those who have answered: “Yes! I’m in”, have sent me notes that absolutely make my heart sing: 

“I’m getting a glimpse into how it feels to not have my whole existence controlled by stored up unreleased trauma. I think this must be how Healthy people feel!  It’s so freeing and exhilarating and yet I am calm at the same time. There’s not a nagging sense of strain, exhaustion, and slight anxiety, that I usually move through the world with.  

I’ve worked with Voge for four sessions now… I am having breakthroughs every time; the kind of breakthroughs that truly transform a person. Releasing all of this trauma is the key to my health!”

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And I hope that these testimonies encourage you to enroll into I Release! – The Course so you can find support to uncover that makes your heart sing.Let me remind you, this program has two versions. I did this purposely as it came out of my understanding from years of teaching and being in private practice.


My curiosity led me on a 3 decades long research into trauma and it’s effects on our nervous systems, our brain and our neurobiology.

This has given me a unique perspective and understanding into how people absorb information, process their life as well as their ability to accept help.

Therefore I wanted to offer this program in a way that honors your uniqueness, so you can be available for the help that is offered in this program, in a way that works for you. 

OPTION #1: This program acts like a steady beating on the drum, bringing to the surface your own unique obstacles and barriers. What comes to the surface may surprise, delight and provoke you. Consequently you may desire to work with me in real time, in the presence of a Releasing Community that will also be moving through the 10 Hindrances. This option is best for those who enjoy being surrounded by other people who are doing the work alongside them. It offers a balance between working on your own, but then joining a safe community on zoom, meeting once a month for 12 meetings. In these challenging times, isn’t connection and community more important than ever?

OPTION #2: This is strictly a home study course, with all of the benefits described above, but without the online group experience. You can work on your own in private, going through the exercises and Releasing Process at your own pace. 

I can’t wait to help you,

With love,


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